The Mt. Olive Apostolic Original Holy Church of God has been blessed with a rich history of trials and triumphs. Today we are marking a milestone of triumph. As we celebrate 48 years, we are humbled by the profound and heart-felt knowledge that we have indeed “come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord.” It is God, through the leadership of our Pastor, and the efforts and sacrifices of faithful members, that has brought us to this day.

On July 9, 1963, God gave our Pastor a vision to organize this church. The vision led to our first worship place, a law office on Willow Road. In 1965, a door was opened at 828 Newbridge Avenue in Menlo Park. For 5 years, we rented this facility, withstanding the high crime that persisted in the area and even threats of physical violence against our Pastor.

One morning during service, Pastor asked if the saints would like to have a church. The response was positive and so began a year-long effort that culminated in the original edifice at 605 Hamilton Avenue. A handful of faithful and dedicated members led by our Pastor, with all of the odds against them, including the city ordinances and no financial backing, built the church. The Lord blessed and provided skilled laborers for a few phases of the project but, for the most part, it is God only that gets the glory for what was done. For those doing it had no doubt that God was leading them.In 1970, the work started. In 1971, it was completed. God blessed the church to march to the new location.

We marched with joy and jubilation because God had done a great miracle. As the saints entered the new edifice, the anointing of God fell.In the late 1970’s, Elder Bostic endured a great trial of sickness. With the loss of her mother in 1981, this was one of the more difficult times in our church history. For what the devil must have planned as a final “knockout” blow, in 1983 the church found itself embroiled in a long and tedious battle, the outcome of which would determine whether we would even have a building in which to worship.

Just as the darkness precedes the dawn, so this great trial of afflictions preceded the dawning of a new day—the Mt. Olive Apostolic Original Holy Church of God emerged, an independently incorporated organization with Dr. Bostic at the helm as Chief Executive Officer. With this spiritual emancipation, we were ready to move forward into greater areas of ministry: acquisition and renovation of a 9-unit apartment complex at 631 Hamilton Avenue, now known as the Mt. Olive Arms, and expansion of our circle of fellowship through a National Crusade which spanned the continental United States.

Through the leading of God and the vision of our Pastor, we “spread wings” and soared, both naturally and spiritually. Our National Crusade and the friendships they created became the nucleus of the Apostolic Original Holy Church of God, a national organization with over 20 affiliate congregations.
In October 1991, the spirit of God moved upon Dr. Bostic just as it had so many times in the past. This time the leading was to a task greater than any before it—the major expansion of our facilities here at 605 Hamilton Avenue. The renovation would include almost 16,000 square feet Like all of the previous endeavors, it was not to come without a fight. The renovation started in October, 1991. By July, 1992, the edifice was completed.

God has been blessing us richly ever since. We have acquired mountain property in the Sierra Foothills near Oroville, California. We plan to one day have a fully facilitated mountain retreat for church groups and recovering drug and alcohol offenders. We are rejoicing because of what the Lord has done. And we can say: