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Dr. H.L. Bostic 

Mt. Olive AOH Founder 

August 9, 1935 – December 9, 2011

A native of Mobile, Alabama. She was the founder of the Mt. Olive A.O.H. Church of God. She personified faith, and by faith she had reached beyond the bounds of many natural and social barriers to emerge as one of the great social and religious leaders of our time. 

In 1963, God commissioned her to start a church. Seven years later, Dr. Bostic reached beyond the small storefront in which the Mt. Olive A.O.H. Church of God began. Following the leading of the Lord, with only eight members and a small fraction of the money that the project would cost, she undertook the building of a house of worship. What she lacked in human and financial resources, she made up for in faith and determination, and the church was built. 

In 1968, troubled by the deteriorating social condition in urban areas, Dr. Bostic reached beyond the walls of the church and started The Crime Prevention Narcotics Drugs Education Center (CPNDEC), a community-based organization dedicated to the eradication of crime and drug abuse.

Mt. Olive AOH Today

Mt. Olive is now housed in a 16,000 square foot edifice facilitated with classrooms, an audio/visual studio, a library, a conference room, a dining/multipurpose room, a 300+person capacity auditorium and many other amenities. As a result, the homeless can be fed, the services can be taped and broadcast in over 15 states across the nation, souls can be baptized by the masses and the community has a place to convene. 

Her impact reached well beyond the physical bounds of Menlo Park, California. As the founder of the Apostolic Original Holy Church of God, Inc., 25 churches, as far away as Kenya, East Africa, were proud to call her their Chief Executive Overseer.  Dr. Bostic pastored for forty-eight years, and remained a hard-working, dedicated and committed servant of God. She was a national crusader, spreading the Gospel across the nation. 

Bishop Teman L. Bostic, Sr.

March 15, 1961 – February 12, 2016 

The eldest of five siblings born to the late Deacon Leon Bostic and Dr. H.L. Bostic. He received his early education in Menlo Park and Palo Alto, CA. He was raised in the church, the hand of God being upon him at a young age. He was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost during a revival May 10, 1983, at Mt. Olive ran by Evangelists Smith and Bland, and his mother, Dr. H.L. Bostic. 

Bishop T acknowledged and accepted the predestinated Call of God upon his life to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1984. Bishop T was a man of faith and exemplified faith from his youth. God had gifted Bishop T in many areas of ministry: music, administration, preaching, teaching, etc. He showed his dedication to the church holding many offices at Mt. Olive over his lifetime. He served as a musician, Sunday school teacher, deacon, trustee, minister, Elder, and District Elder. 

In November 1994 with the support of his pastor, the late Dr. H.L. Bostic, Bishop T founded and organized Word, Power, and Praise Family Community Church (Fremont, CA). As pastor of Word Power and Praise, Bishop T and the congregation took a leading role both in the spiritual, educational and social advancement of the community through the various ministries and services program they offered.

Bishop T_church.jpg

His past outreach ministries included but were not limited to: 

 "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."  
Proverbs 3:6

Ministry in hospitals, convalescent homes, and prisons throughout the Bay Area 

Served as Chaplain of the Tri-City Village and Second Chance homeless shelters in Fremont, CA 

Former Chaplain of Stanford and Kaiser Hospitals in-patient programs 

Former President of the Crime Prevention Narcotics Drugs Educational Center (CPNDEC), Menlo Park, CA 




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